There can be few other locations where epoxy flooring is more appropriate than in health care facilities. Whether that be a dentist’s surgery, a consulting room, a hospital ward, or an operating theatre, epoxy floors have many qualities that are perfect for helping to ensure the environment remains safe for those in and around them.

Healthcare facilities have a much greater need for cleanliness and hygiene. While many of the facility’s procedures, such as cleaning and sanitisation, will ensure they are maintained, the infrastructure within them also plays a part.

This will include ventilation systems, water sanitisation systems, and even the type of paint used on the walls. The floor also has a huge role, so let us examine why epoxy floor coatings are ideal for healthcare facilities.

Resistance To Liquids and FluidsĀ 

Some areas of healthcare facilities are prone to fluids and liquids ending up on the floor. Examples are spillages, although there are other reasons why fluids might be on the floor, which are probably best left to the imagination rather than us explaining them graphically.

Epoxy floor coatings can deal with all of these because they aren’t to many of the solvents, chemicals, and other components of the types of fluids which find themselves on the floor.

Resistant To Bacteria and Germs

Regardless of why they visit a healthcare facility, patients will thrive in a clean, safe, and hygienic environment, meaning no germs or bacteria. Epoxy flooring is resistant to liquids, and fluids suggest it does not retain any germs and bacteria they may contain.

Suppose there are fewer germs and bacteria. In that case, the risk to patients of recovering without any complications is increased, and it also means all the staff who work in that healthcare facility are reassured that they are working in a healthy environment.

Robust And Durable

Epoxy floors can take a high degree of punishment from lots of sources. This can include items being dropped on them or dragged across them, and it also applies to areas where there is a high level of foot traffic.

Suppose you think of all the healthcare facilities with people walking in and out all day, moving equipment, or being wheeled around on stretchers or in wheelchairs. In that case, you have just three scenarios that epoxy floors can handle.

Easy To Clean

One of the primary functions of any healthcare facility is keeping it as clean and hygienic as possible. This is why epoxy floors are often found in healthcare facilities, as the effort to clean them is minimal. In most cases, a quick sweep with a brush or a wipe with a mop is often all that is needed, and adding a disinfectant to the water will not harm epoxy floors in any way.

Cost Effective

Every healthcare facility will want to be as cost-effective as it can, and that is where epoxy floor coating can make a huge difference. Their longevity means they do not have to be replaced as often, they effectively have zero maintenance costs, and best of all, the initial cost of installation is usually a lot less than many other types of flooring.