We are sure you love your pet, and that can extend to allowing them to jump up onto your couch to sit or lie; however, unless you are regularly couch cleaning, apart from issues from stains and marks, you should also be aware that this can create health risks for you and your family.

The pets we are talking about here are the furry and lovable types such as dogs and cats, although we know that there will be many of you reading this that equally love your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or gerbil, to name another four. In all cases, the last thing you would expect is for any of these beloved pets to be a health risk, but in certain circumstances, they can be, and one, in particular, is when they are allowed on upholstery such as couches.

You may love nothing more than snuggling up on your couch with your pet, or it might simply be that, whilst you sit in your armchair, you are happy for your pet to make itself comfortable. However, unless you take action, such as hiring couch cleaners, your pet could leave many undesirable, unhealthy substances, harming your health and your family as they sit or sleep on the couch due to the germs and bacteria. Here are five examples of what we mean.


Most domestic pets have hair; in almost every case, they will shed some of that hair on your couch if allowed onto it. As well as those hairs triggering issues such as allergies and asthma, they also attract bacteria and germs, which will happily take up residence on your couch and thus be present the next time you or your family sit on that couch.


Just as humans have dandruff, many pets will discard tiny particles of their skin, and if allowed on the couch, this is where much of this dander and dead skin can be found. Dust mites are incredibly thankful for skin particles as they can feast on them, and that is terrible news as dust mites are a prime cause of allergic reactions.


Microbes are carried by pets in many parts of their body, including their skin, their mouths, their feet, and even their claws or nails. This means there is no shortage of ways those microbes can be transferred from the pet onto the couch, increasing the risk of bacterial infections for the humans they live with.


This is not so much a problem for house-trained pets, but for puppies and the occasional adult dog, the need to pee can mean the couch is what gets stained with urine. If not cleaned, urine, even if dried in, is a health risk, especially as it will contain various unhealthy bacteria and germs.


Although thankfully rare, there can be accidents where a pet poops indoors and, in this case, on the couch. A more likely cause of poop on a couch is dried poop transferring from the animal’s anal area when it sits on the couch. However it might occur, there should be no surprise in us telling you that pet poop is a haven for bacteria and must undoubtedly be cleaned off a couch as soon as possible.

The Solution?

Regular cleaning is the best solution unless you no longer allow your pet onto your couch. You can do this yourself, however, for the best results you should hire a local couch cleaning company. They will ensure your couch not only looks great but is also devoid of any of your pet’s discarded matter, thus discouraging germs and bacteria and making your couch a healthier place for your family to sit.

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