The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Dry, Cracked Skin in Perth

Living in Perth, with its brilliant sunshine and unique climate, poses a particular challenge, especially for those grappling with dry, cracked skin. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling comfortable in our skin. Thanks to tips from the beauty experts at, you are on the journey to find that perfect moisturizer that feels like it’s been tailor-made for your skin.

Tackling Dry Skin Head-On

Dry skin can feel like an uphill battle, particularly in a city like Perth, where the weather can play a significant role. But it’s a battle you don’t have to fight alone. Finding the right moisturizer can transform your skin from parched and uncomfortable to supple and radiant.

Stories of Real People, Real Results

Take, for instance, Jane’s story: after years of struggling with dry, lacklustre skin, she found a moisturizing cream that turned everything around. “It was like a miracle,” she says. “My skin went from dull and flaky to glowing.”

Then there’s the experience of Sarah, who always thought her dry skin was a lifelong curse. That changed when she discovered the right moisturizer. “It wasn’t just a cream; it was a confidence booster. My skin finally feels alive,” she shares.


4 SEO Tactics That Will Help Your Day Spa Outrank The Local Competition

4 SEO Tactics That Will Help Your Day Spa Outrank The Local Competition

If you are a day spa owner you will know that there is a lot of competition within the health and beauty niche and anything you can do to gain an advantage with respect to attracting new clients is welcome. If you were to seek the advice of an experienced SEO consultant, they would tell you that improving the ranking of your website on Google is one of the most effective ways to increase prospects, and ultimately gain new clients.

Whilst they will also tell you that there are well over 200 different factors that Google assesses when determining rankings of local websites, there are certain core actions you can take that can accelerate your website’s rankings improving. In fact, they highlight just 4 of them which, from their experience of helping local day spas, they have found to make a huge difference.

Analyse Your Competition

Many business owners take the view that the less they think about their competition the easier it will be to beat them, but this is a fallacy. Whether it is the business arena, a military campaign, or a sporting event, the more you know about who you are competing against, the more chance you have of taking actions that will counter what they are doing, and ultimately allow you to defeat them.


What Are Veneers

What Are Veneers, And Why Do I Need Them?

It’s okay to not be happy with parts of yourself, for you can’t fix everything. But if you can fix something that you don’t like about yourself, wouldn’t it be worthwhile looking at as an option? Take a cosmetic dentist, for example.

Their job is to make sure that people are happy with their teeth. By offering a range of services, their patients are able to enjoy a boost in self-esteem, not to mention excellent oral health.

From teeth whitening to dentures, braces to fillings, there’s almost nothing that a general or cosmetic dentist can’t do for you. However, there’s one service that many patients are seeing the value in, and that’s dental veneers. What are they, and why do you need them?

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin composite or porcelain shells that are designed to adhere to the surface of your teeth. Their job is to protect your tooth from damage and improve its appearance. Dentists often recommend veneers for anyone who has a chip, crack, or gap they want to improve, or permanent staining that in-chair teeth whitening can’t fix.

Veneers are a cost-effective option for anyone who has teeth they are not happy with but are not decayed or damaged enough to be removed or treated. (more…)

Need Braces

How to Know You Might Need Braces

Having a perfect smile is something that many people aspire to have. Still, it’s not always possible without a cosmetic dentist’s intervention. Some people might be happy with the shape of their teeth, but not so much the color. Therefore, they might consider in-chair teeth whitening as a way to correct that problem.

Other people may find that their bite is not quite right, their teeth are crooked, or that something just doesn’t feel quite right. In that case, some people might be inclined to see their cosmetic dentist and find out if braces, Veneers or Invisalign is an option for them.

Without seeing a dentist, there isn’t a sure-fire way to find out if such treatments are right for you, but there are signs that an appointment should be made with a dental expert to find out.

Your Teeth Look Crowded or Crooked

If you find yourself ashamed or embarrassed to smile because you feel that your teeth are crooked or crowded, then braces might be an option for you. Braces can correct crooked and overcrowded teeth over time, while Invisalign can help with the more minor cases that affect your self-esteem and confidence.

Your Jaw is Noisy or Moves

Do you find that your jaw makes funny noises or moves around more than it should? A trip to a cosmetic dentist for helpful information might be on the cards. Often, a jaw shifting or making sounds is a sign that there’s an issue with your teeth and jawline.


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Every year in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, jewellery store attendants are swamped – helping men and women to find the perfect gift for their significant other. The problem is, there is no one size fits all approach to Valentine’s Day gift buying, which can make it harder and harder every year to come up with something your partner will like.

Unlike anniversaries, there are no milestones that dictate the gift to buy, so you have to use your discretion and rely on expert jeweller advice. Fortunately, this guide can help you on your mission to buy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift – be it next year or in the years to follow.

  1. Casual or a Gesture

The first thing to consider is how serious your relationship is. If you are new to the dating scene, you don’t want to go overboard with a diamond necklace or something that costs thousands of dollars. In that first year of a relationship, one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy is an affordable set of birthstone earrings or a personalized charm for their bracelet or necklace. The goal is to keep it casual and relaxed – especially when your relationship is fresh.

  1. Momentous Occasion

If you and your significant other have been together for many years, then you might be past the box of chocolates and a cheesy card stage. Instead, you might be thinking about long-term commitment and “sealing the deal” so to speak.

If you plan on popping the question this Valentine’s Day, then you are going to need a lot of help from a jewellery store attendant to pick out the perfect ring from the selection of engagement rings. Set yourself a budget, have an idea of ring size and create a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget.