When it comes time for your health facility to have a new website, whilst you might not be the person who actually creates it, you will still expect, and want, to have some input into its design. If you speak to the website design specialists at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au they will tell you that the more a client can outline what they want the easier it is for them to design it, and more importantly, the better chance there is of a website that works effectively.

One of the great benefits of working with a website design agency is that they will have experts who specialise in each aspect of building it. This means that if you have some ideas for the website, whether they relate to a colour scheme, the content, or the functions your website will perform, they will have someone who can advise you on them.

In your discussions with your website design agency, you must remember 5 core principles that need to be adhered to. It is likely that your website design agency have them within their processes as they design your website, however, it will also help you to contribute your ideas more effectively if you are also aware of them, so here they are.

Simple Is Best

The mistake many business owners, and indeed some poor website designers, make, is they try to include everything they can possibly think of on every page. As a result, pages become cluttered and less than welcoming. You want a website for your health facility that feels welcoming, and which does not confuse visitors the moment they land on the home page.

Build It With Visitors In Mind

Following on from keeping the design simple, that also actually falls under the umbrella of designing your health facility’s website with visitors in mind. Too often we see websites built to impress, and to satisfy the desires of the website owners. The problem with that is it is not necessarily going to help those who will be using the website. Elements such as easy navigation, a simple layout, and content that informs, all add up to a great user experience.

Have Clear And Unambiguous Calls To Action

With a website that is being designed for a health facility, there may be several ways in which users interact. These may involve them taking some kind of action such as entering their personal details, or completing a survey, for example. In all instances where you want a visitor to your website to take action, make instructions crystal clear. Your calls to action should leave no doubt whatsoever as to what the person reading them should do.

Page Load Speeds Are Critical

You want pages to load speedily for two reasons, with the first being it adds to the user’s experience of your website, and the second being, it can impact your search engine rankings. Slow loading pages keep people waiting, and it can also cause them to simply click away, which is certainly not desirable. An example of increasing page loading speed is where possible try not to have too many large files that have to load, such as very long videos.

SEO Must Be Included

This is a more technical aspect of a website with much of it happening in the coding, but it does no harm for you to be aware that SEO should be an integral part of your website’s design, especially if you want it to rank well in the search engines for certain keyword searches.