If you are a day spa owner you will know that there is a lot of competition within the health and beauty niche and anything you can do to gain an advantage with respect to attracting new clients is welcome. If you were to seek the advice of an experienced SEO consultant, they would tell you that improving the ranking of your website on Google is one of the most effective ways to increase prospects, and ultimately gain new clients.

Whilst they will also tell you that there are well over 200 different factors that Google assesses when determining rankings of local websites, there are certain core actions you can take that can accelerate your website’s rankings improving. In fact, they highlight just 4 of them which, from their experience of helping local day spas, they have found to make a huge difference.

Analyse Your Competition

Many business owners take the view that the less they think about their competition the easier it will be to beat them, but this is a fallacy. Whether it is the business arena, a military campaign, or a sporting event, the more you know about who you are competing against, the more chance you have of taking actions that will counter what they are doing, and ultimately allow you to defeat them.

In the world of SEO, if you analyse your competition to discover what keywords they are ranking for, what content they are using, which backlinks they have, and how they have optimised their website, it can give you a comprehensive list of actions you need to take to help your day spa’s website rank higher.

Research Keywords

Every single search that is entered on Google will produce search results with websites that have been optimised for those particular keywords. In trying to improve the ranking of your day spa website you need to know which keywords your potential clients are entering into Google.

This research will include an analysis of your competition, as already mentioned, and it will also mean paying particular attention to what is termed ‘local keywords’. These are the geographic words prospects will enter in their searches such as their suburb, town or city when looking for local businesses.

Build Backlinks

In the eyes of Google, backlinks serve as indicators of authority and strength as well as identifying to them which keywords a website is trying to rank for. By creating backlinks to your website in a structured and logical manner, it can boost the relevance of your day spa website for many of the keyword you are trying to rank for.

Also, if you are able to gain backlinks from large, high-authority websites within the day spa, health, leisure, and beauty niches, this also increases the authority of your website, and as such is another boost to your rankings on Google.

Create Quality Content

Whenever someone lands on your website you want to give them a reason to remain on the site for as long as possible. Not only does improve the chances of them deciding to contact you to make an appointment because they like what they see, hear, or read, but it can also boost your Google ranking too.

Google can measure how people who have clicked through from a search interact on a website, including the length of time they spend on the site. High-quality content will keep them there longer and tells Google that this is a website that deserves to be ranked well.