In normal circumstances, if you had a dental emergency, the first course of action would be to go to the dentists to have them treat the issue. Unfortunately, the main characteristic of any emergency, dental or not, is that they happen unexpectedly. As such, they do not necessarily comply with your dentist’s normal opening hours.

Thankfully, many dentists have contingencies for out of hours emergencies, whereby a dentist within the practice will be on standby to treat patients with a dental emergency. However, that is not the case with every dental practice, so the question is what do you do if you have a dental emergency at home, and cannot see a dentist for serval hours? Worse, what if the emergency occurs on a Friday evening and you have to get through the entire weekend?

With no other option but to wait, there are some ways you can temporarily treat several dental emergencies. Although you would never be able to administer something like dental implants on youreslf, below are nine dental emergency treatments you can help treat at home.

Reducing  Swelling: It is a myth that treating swelling with heat will help because, if the swelling has been caused by an infection, heat can accelerate the spread of bacteria. Instead, use a cold compress such as a tea towel wrapped around some ice.

Relieving Toothache: There are three ways you can try to reduce toothache. First, is the aforementioned cold compress. Second, taking painkiller tablets can reduce the pain you feel. Third, rinsing your mouth in warm water can provide some relief.

Filling Comes Out: You could try filling the cavity with sugar-free chewing gum. Better than that, if you have a 24-hour pharmacy nearby, see if they have any dental cement which is far preferable to the chewing gum option.

Dental Crown Falls Off: Please, please please do not follow what some do and use super glue. Instead, use dental cement to try to temporarily reattach the crown. Otherwise, you must get the earliest possible appointment so your dentist can apply a temporary crown.

Cracked Tooth: First, rinse your mouth with hot water. Second, if you have any swelling, use a cold compress to reduce that. You can also apply gauze if there is any bleeding. Again this is an issue where you must visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth Knocked Out: The ultimate dental emergency is another that needs a visit to the dentist quickly, Until then, you can try placing the tooth back in its socket if it is intact and holding it in place with dental cement. Otherwise, store it in some saliva or milk so that it remains moist.

Loose Braces: The main priority is to ensure any broken wire does not cut the fleshy parts of your mouth such as gums, cheeks and your tongue so cover any loose ends with gauze or cotton until such times as you can visit the dentists.

Food Trapped In Teeth: Maybe not the most critical issue, but annoying and sometimes painful. Do not use any sharp objects or a piece of paper is these can cut the gums or damage the enamel on your teeth. Ideally, use dental floss to try to remove the food, as well as rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Bleeding In Mouth: Although it might sting slightly at first, rinsing your mouth with salty water can help reduce the risk of infections and to nullify any pain. Gauze, or even a tea bag, placed over the wound can also stem the bleeding.