It would be simplistic in the extreme to suggest that the only benefit of laser eye surgery is to ‘fix your eyes’, but incredibly, there are many people who believe that is the case.

Now admittedly, unless you wear glasses or contact lenses, or possibly live with someone who does, the subject of laser eye surgery may not have been a regular talking point, if ever at all. However, even if you do not need your vision corrected by glasses or contact lenses at the moment, as you grow older, that possibly most certainly exists.

At that point, laser eye surgery may become something that you wish to find out more about, but rather than you having to wait all that time, we thought we would bring you up to speed today, on what the benefits of laser eye surgery are.

Almost Every Eye Prescription Can Be Rectified

As the advances in laser eye surgery technology have accrued over the years, an increasing number of patients have been treated, who previously could not. This means that those with a prescription that is at the outer limits of the scale have a possibility of having laser eye surgery correct their sight.

Even patients with conditions such as astigmatism which presents challenges to laser eye surgeons with regards to the shape of the eye, are now able to be considered for treatment.

Your Sight Can Return to 20/20 Vision

Obviously one of the main reasons someone would elect to have laser eye surgery is so that they can see unaided without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Whether they are short-sighted or long-sighted, following laser eye surgery their sight should be as close to 20/20 as can be.

In fact, statistics show that of those patients who have has laser eye surgery a massive 99.8% have 20/20 uncorrected vision (without glasses or contact lenses) when checked.

Laser Eye Surgery Is Fast and Painless

There are many surgical procedures that require a patient to be in the hospital for days, and even weeks, however, that is certainly not the case with laser eye surgery.

Most procedures take less than 15 minutes, and there is no need for the patient to be placed under general anaesthetic. Instead, eye drops provide local anaesthetic, and you remain awake during the procedure.

Now. it may alarm some to think that they will be fully conscious while a surgeon is performing laser surgery on them, but in truth, you will feel nothing, and nor are there any sounds that will cause you any distress. It should be a pain-free experience, and at the very worst, you might feel a slight discomfort in your eyes, but this will pass quickly.

Recovery Is Rapid

If you have ever undergone a surgical procedure, depending on how major it was, you will know that it requires time for you to recuperate from it. In some cases that might have been only a few days, but in others it can take many weeks, or even months.

Thankfully, the recovery from laser eye surgery is very quick, and for most patients, they need only take two days off work, which are the day of the surgery, and the day after.

The exception to this is people who work in an environment where there may be a lot of dust and airborne particles, such as in a sawmill, or a building site. In these instances, it is best to wait 7 days to give your eyes the time to fully recover, before going back to work.

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