5 Proven Ways To Prevent Bleeding Gums

5 Proven Ways To Prevent Bleeding Gums

One of the most common issues that people mention to their dentist when they go for a check-up is that they have bleeding gums. For some, the issue is one that occurs infrequently, but for others, the situation is more serious with their gums bleeding regularly.

In truth, almost everyone has experienced bleeding gums at some point, and in many instances there is no underlying problem with their dental health. Most likely the bleeding was caused by over-vigorous brushing or a sharp piece of food, such as crisps or crunchy toast, which caused a small cut.

If you have experienced bleeding gums on a more regular basis, and not as a result of a one-off problem, then it can be the sign of something more serious with regards to your oral health. In particular, it can be a signal that you have gum disease, and as such, you should speak to your dentist as soon as possible.


Are you a ‘smoothie’ operator?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! Not only is it breaking your body from it’s overnight fast, but it is setting your body up with the fuel it needs to get through the day ahead. Without breakfast you are running on empty, like trying to start a car with no petrol. What you fill your tank with each morning can mean the difference between a productive and enjoyable day or a tiring and stressful one.

For most people who skip breakfast, time is the contributing factor. Getting ten more minutes snuggled up in a warm, cosy bed is far more appealing than getting up early enough to make a healthy breakfast. But this short term joy can result in some long term pain!

Skipping breakfast can have a negative impact on energy levels, metabolism, cognitive function and blood sugar levels. It can also lead people to over eat and make poor food choices later in the day which over time can lead to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and being overweight. Extensive research has shown that regularly eating a healthy breakfast will increase your energy stores, increase your metabolism, improve memory and concentration and stabilise your blood sugar levels, so it’s definitely worth getting out of bed for!


Best Food to Improve Your Sleep

Best Food to Improve Your Sleep

Some people chill out at home with a glass of wine before bed to help them sleep. Others read a book, browse the internet, or even look at recipes to decide what to have for dinner the next day. Many things can improve your sleep quality, but did you know that food can be of assistance, too? Introduce the following foods into your diet, and you may notice a difference.


Almonds, as a snack, can offer no end of health benefits. They contain manganese, phosphorus, riboflavin, antioxidants, monounsaturated fats, and more. These may contribute to your overall health, but what about your sleep?

Surprisingly, almonds also contain melatonin, a hormone that can help your body prepare for sleep. Melatonin is also present in several health supplements.

As almonds also have magnesium, they may prove useful for people with insomnia to benefit from a restful night’s slumber. Almonds feature in many recipes and are versatile for use in the form of butter, milk, meal, and more.


The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

It would be simplistic in the extreme to suggest that the only benefit of laser eye surgery is to ‘fix your eyes’, but incredibly, there are many people who believe that is the case.

Now admittedly, unless you wear glasses or contact lenses, or possibly live with someone who does, the subject of laser eye surgery may not have been a regular talking point, if ever at all. However, even if you do not need your vision corrected by glasses or contact lenses at the moment, as you grow older, that possibly most certainly exists.

At that point, laser eye surgery may become something that you wish to find out more about, but rather than you having to wait all that time, we thought we would bring you up to speed today, on what the benefits of laser eye surgery are.

Almost Every Eye Prescription Can Be Rectified

As the advances in laser eye surgery technology have accrued over the years, an increasing number of patients have been treated, who previously could not. This means that those with a prescription that is at the outer limits of the scale have a possibility of having laser eye surgery correct their sight.

Even patients with conditions such as astigmatism which presents challenges to laser eye surgeons with regards to the shape of the eye, are now able to be considered for treatment.


5 Key Principles For Enhancing The Design Of Your Health Facility’s Website

5 Key Principles For Enhancing The Design Of Your Health Facility’s Website

When it comes time for your health facility to have a new website, whilst you might not be the person who actually creates it, you will still expect, and want, to have some input into its design. If you speak to the website design specialists at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au they will tell you that the more a client can outline what they want the easier it is for them to design it, and more importantly, the better chance there is of a website that works effectively.

One of the great benefits of working with a website design agency is that they will have experts who specialise in each aspect of building it. This means that if you have some ideas for the website, whether they relate to a colour scheme, the content, or the functions your website will perform, they will have someone who can advise you on them.

In your discussions with your website design agency, you must remember 5 core principles that need to be adhered to. It is likely that your website design agency have them within their processes as they design your website, however, it will also help you to contribute your ideas more effectively if you are also aware of them, so here they are.

Simple Is Best

The mistake many business owners, and indeed some poor website designers, make, is they try to include everything they can possibly think of on every page. As a result, pages become cluttered and less than welcoming. You want a website for your health facility that feels welcoming, and which does not confuse visitors the moment they land on the home page.


What Are Veneers

What Are Veneers, And Why Do I Need Them?

It’s okay to not be happy with parts of yourself, for you can’t fix everything. But if you can fix something that you don’t like about yourself, wouldn’t it be worthwhile looking at as an option? Take a cosmetic dentist, for example.

Their job is to make sure that people are happy with their teeth. By offering a range of services, their patients are able to enjoy a boost in self-esteem, not to mention excellent oral health.

From teeth whitening to dentures, braces to fillings, there’s almost nothing that a general or cosmetic dentist can’t do for you. However, there’s one service that many patients are seeing the value in, and that’s dental veneers. What are they, and why do you need them?

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin composite or porcelain shells that are designed to adhere to the surface of your teeth. Their job is to protect your tooth from damage and improve its appearance. Dentists often recommend veneers for anyone who has a chip, crack, or gap they want to improve, or permanent staining that in-chair teeth whitening can’t fix.

Veneers are a cost-effective option for anyone who has teeth they are not happy with but are not decayed or damaged enough to be removed or treated. (more…)

Signs Your Child Could Have an Expressive Language Delay (ELD)

Many things can signal that a child can benefit from kids’ speech therapy, but one of those things is Expressive Language Delay ( ELD). The term is a broad one, but it encompasses any diagnosis a speech pathologist might make for a child with a language problem.

Some children struggle to form sentences or use the correct vocabulary, while others may find it challenging to put words together in the right order. Given the differences in each language problem, the approach in kids’ speech therapy can be different for each child, with all methods customised to suit the help they need.

Children with an expressive language delay can require the intervention of a speech pathologist. An expert in speech can provide the help the child needs to pick up the skill they are missing or haven’t quite mastered. Rather than waiting to see if the child learns it on their own, early intervention by a speech therapist can offer a more direct approach.

What can Kids’ Speech Therapy Achieve?  

The approach can depend on what a child is struggling with under the umbrella of an expressive language delay. A late talker doesn’t have an expressive language, so the focus, in that case, would be on increasing the ability to use language as a means of communication.

A child that struggles with organising their words into a logical sentence may see the benefit of sequencing games and activities that both indirectly and directly benefit how they link words together. Often, similar rules apply to other ELDs. Children can benefit from both kids’ speech therapy and activities to work on at home and in school. (more…)

Dental Myths You May Have Believed

A myth is a story or narrative that plays a role in society but may be exaggerated to the point where it’s no longer true. Traditionally, a myth related to stories within a folklore genre, but it has now been used to describe falsehoods and mistruths even in the world of dentist care.

Some people are not sure what to expect when they make an appointment with their dentist. Some people even have preconceived ideas that turn out to be incorrect. Read on to learn what are some of the more common dental myths and how they are actually not true.

Bleeding Gums While Brushing and Flossing Is Normal

Except that it isn’t. If you notice that your gums bleed when you brush or floss them, that can mean your gums are inflamed. Inflamed gums are a symptom of periodontitis and gingivitis. Anyone that has just started flossing for the first time might notice bleeding gums for around a week. However, they should stop within a short time.

If your gums bleed while you’re brushing, then consider changing the way you brush. Use a soft-bristled brush and less force. Brush for two minutes with gentle pressure, and take note of any bleeding with your new brushing routine. If bleeding continues with flossing and brushing, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

You Should Replace Your Silver Fillings

In recent years, composite resin fillings have taken over the top spot as a popular option for fillings. Before then, dental amalgam fillings, which contain silver, tin, copper, and mercury, were used for over a century.


Workplace Gender Discrimination

Overcoming Workplace Gender Discrimination

Despite increasing awareness of the negative effects of various forms of discrimination, it’s still a major problem in Australian workplaces. Although it’s not the most common issue, sexual orientation discrimination can have severe impacts if not dealt with fast and correctly.

Those suffering from discrimination due to their sexual orientation are likely to suffer from mental health problems including depression, anxiety, insomnia and more. Fortunately, though, you are protected from all forms of discrimination under Australian law.

In the rest of this article, we’ve explored some of the best strategies for overcoming workplace gender discrimination. Read these carefully, and remember – it’s never too late to seek professional legal and medical help if you need to.

  1. Tell People that There’s a Problem

It’s important that you never just accept workplace gender or sexual orientation discrimination as the norm. Instead, make people aware of the problem. In many cases, this will be the only step you need to take.

For example, if you feel like your mental health is suffering because of the conduct of one of your coworkers, make sure you tell them. If they don’t listen, take your concerns to your manager or HR department – they are legally obliged to deal with issues like this within the workplace.

In the rare case that your managers don’t address the problem, you will need to seek legal advice. We’d recommend reaching out to your local employment lawyers for more help.


Need Braces

How to Know You Might Need Braces

Having a perfect smile is something that many people aspire to have. Still, it’s not always possible without a cosmetic dentist’s intervention. Some people might be happy with the shape of their teeth, but not so much the color. Therefore, they might consider in-chair teeth whitening as a way to correct that problem.

Other people may find that their bite is not quite right, their teeth are crooked, or that something just doesn’t feel quite right. In that case, some people might be inclined to see their cosmetic dentist and find out if braces, Veneers or Invisalign is an option for them.

Without seeing a dentist, there isn’t a sure-fire way to find out if such treatments are right for you, but there are signs that an appointment should be made with a dental expert to find out.

Your Teeth Look Crowded or Crooked

If you find yourself ashamed or embarrassed to smile because you feel that your teeth are crooked or crowded, then braces might be an option for you. Braces can correct crooked and overcrowded teeth over time, while Invisalign can help with the more minor cases that affect your self-esteem and confidence.

Your Jaw is Noisy or Moves

Do you find that your jaw makes funny noises or moves around more than it should? A trip to a cosmetic dentist for helpful information might be on the cards. Often, a jaw shifting or making sounds is a sign that there’s an issue with your teeth and jawline.